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My Freshman Year

Heya! Hope you’re all well!

Holy Spirit Inspired(HSinspired) is a blog and on some social media platforms(Instagram and Twitter), that is aimed at helping the youth in our society live life, totally led by the inspiration of Holy Spirit. This is done through sharing real life experiences, pieces inspired by Holy Spirit, daily devotional and posting of images that carry messages.

In a couple of weeks, a series dubbed “MY FRESHMAN YEAR” will be launched on all HSinspired platforms. The series involves sharing stories of youths and how their first year in university(or the year leading to university) shaped their relationship with God. 

This series is very dear to my heart because many youths get lost and lose their identity when they move away from home to University as a result of the freedom available and the excitement of being in control of their lives for a while.

Also, many wrong ideologies have infiltrated society which causes the youth to forget their Creator in their young days.

Unfortunately, I fell prey to this and I have a story to share. A story to inspire people to make better decisions than I have made and to lead them to better experiences.

This series is meant to involve all my readers and be interactive, so I’m giving all of you a chance to be a part of it! I know you have a story too, of how certain situations led to your finding Christ! You have the chance to share it with us and your story will be published here! You can choose to remain anonymous, just let your voice be heard.

Share your story at HSinspired and together we can gradually realign destinies. Send an e-mail to HSinspired at hsinspired1@gmail.com or dm on Instagram or Twitter.

God bless you all. 
PS: For more details, contact me on hsinspired1@gmail.com or on any social media platform:

Twitter: @HSinspired or Instagram: @_hsinspired


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