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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


It’s 9am on a cool Saturday morning and I receive a message from Guy, asking me to spend my day with him, as today begins our mid semester break.


Guy is a young, fine gentleman I met on campus…he’s handsome, focused, caring, sweet, what else? I think he’s every ladies dream man. What actually made me like him was how different he was from all the other guys that I had met in my past. He did care, not just in words but in deeds. He listened, he loved, and the list goes on and on. I enjoyed the attention I got from him.

However, I turned him down whenever he made such requests…and this will be the umpteenth time. I feared what would follow the request. I feared where it would lead. I feared what that would mean for our lovely friendship.


Fortunately or unfortunately for me, this morning, I was feeling very empathetic…I started giving myself reasons why I was not being fair to him, reasons why it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, reasons why this and reasons why that. I found myself accepting his offer to hang out…first go-carting, then to grab a late lunch, then maybe watch a movie (depending on the time) then drinks to end the day. It sounded like a plan although it seemed to be a lot of things for just a day and I was really looking forward to having my day to myself. But well, I cared about him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings any longer. So, I agreed…

I began to get ready since he was going to be outside my gate in about an hour and I love being on time. I got out my most comfortable jeans…a nice blue blouse and some cool white and blue sneakers to go with it. I jumped in the shower to bath, styled my hair afterwards. And just as I sprayed my last perfume, I heard my phone ring. My cue to step out and leave.


It was a fun ride as usual, we had lots to talk and laugh about. Go carting was awesome although slightly scary. He laughed his head off at me – saying in his smooth baritone voice “how are you scared of this when you love speeding?” – he had a point though.

We had lunch at a new African restaurant we’ve both being itching to go to – “Black Hands Dishes”. Just as its name sounds, everything was indeed made by black hands and was amazing. I ordered my favourite, jollof rice and plantain with some eggs on the side. And he ordered banku and tilapia. He attempted to swat my hands away each time I made a go at his tilapia. I was too fast for him and he missed each time. The tilapia was amazing, lawd!

It was just 2:15 o’clock after lunch… I was beginning to get tired and needed to gain my energy back but that was impossible under the circumstances. I had to endure. We went to the movies to see “The Spider-Man”. He was lost in the movie the whole time and realized not the bubbly girl he picked had disappeared. Afterward, he spoke about it all the time till we got to Skybar to have drinks. I was drained when we got there. I could barely keep up with the convo. He failed to notice my change in countenance. I wanted to leave already but he met his friends and I felt like a third wheel. He ignored me all through out. I just sat there, stared at the scenery and I loved that at least and enjoyed my convo with Holy Spirit about the world.


The thought of requesting an Uber and slipping through the crowds to go home was awesome. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings because I cared so I stayed. Making a mental note not to accept a “date” from Guy again, I went back to talking to Holy Spirit.


The night seemed to last forever and was never going to end…I sat there in total regret and prayed it ends soon. Around 10ish, my gates came into view and I couldn’t hide my relief and excitement. Guy assumed I had a good day with him so I kept it that way so I don’t hurt his feelings because as usual, I cared.

I took a quick shower and got into bed. I continued my convo with Holy Spirit, asked for forgiveness. I quickly asked how to reverse my decision since I had unwilfully taken my relationship with Guy to a next level by accepting the request to hang out.



Thinking about this in relation to our relationship with God, I realized we do not really know how to care. God will take you through the hard times of life and build your character before bringing you into the good times. He won’t just give you the good times and skip the hard times…because then, you miss the character building process that will help you survive during the good times. You miss the character building process that will hold you up during the storms when the times are good. Leaving you without the experience of the hard times and letting you walk into a good season will cause you to be unprepared and immature, having a sweet season turn sour.

God cares about you deeply and builds your character during the tough times so you enjoy your good times to the max!

Ivy, in the above story, claimed to care about Guy, however, she lied about what she actually wanted. She focused on his emotions in the short while without weighing the consequences of effects of her actions in the future.


True care for others is shown by being honest at all times and focusing on how your actions will benefit them in the future. It’s not just about satisfying their wants in the short run and causing more harm in the future.

So, before you claim to care about someone, think about it, if you’re indeed being caring or it’s just an act of selfishness!



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Hii wonderful Reader! Thank you for taking the time to read this short story…I explored a new style of writing and I would love to hear your feedback on it – do leave a comment or two below!

Stay Blessed!


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