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Letter From A Once Lost Soul

Hi Friend

I know you are torn apart; God or the world

I know it feels like if you give your all to God, you are going to miss out on a lot

I know idea of being bashed and criticized by your family and friends is unsettling

I know the sacrifices involved seems huge

I know the thought of being faced with trials seem overwhelming

I know the idea of persecution is crazy

I know the realization of losing friends and even family is scary

I know the idea of being gossiped about is uneasy

I know all these…I know all these and many other lies the world tries to fill your mind with to pull you away from Daddy

However, I also know these…


I know the love Daddy shows cannot be compared to anything

I know the peace He gives is amazing

I know the company He provides is unending

I know the wisdom and knowledge He gives is priceless

I know the help He offers through trials can be counted on

I know the strength He gives never fails

I know the joy He gives through persecution is unbelievable

I know the renewal of heart He gives is the best feeling ever

I know the experiences in His presence are awesome

I know the family and friends He gives are more than you could ask for

I know with Him, you are always victorious and more than a conqueror

I know the world sometimes makes you feel unworthy of someone like Jesus, however, He came because of you. He died just for you, not anyone else. He loves you just as you are. He doesn’t condemn you for your wrongs, instead He wants to give you a better life. He wants to envelope you with His love.

He picked me up from the ruins when I thought I was broken beyond repair, when I thought no one could help me out. When I thought I had destroyed my life, He showed me love. He healed me. He wiped my tears. He cherished me. He led me on the path to a better life.

And He wants to do the same for you. He can’t do so if you do not allow Him. Take a moment and invite Him to help you. You do not need to say much, just a sincere prayer of invite and surrender. It could be “Jesus, I need you.” It could be “I can’t do it anymore, Jesus Help me.” It could be “Take over my life, Jesus.” He will take control from there. Just be sincere and call on Him and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Jesus loves you, yes YOU, and He is ready to help you.

The choice is yours…Choose God and you will never regret it.



A Once Lost Soul.




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