Grace · Love

Daddy Awaits…

I am God Most High

I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

I am the Creator of all things,

And the All-knowing God,

I am the God Who brought you here,

I am the God Who formed you,

The One Who planned and designed your life,

I am the God Who loves you,

The One Who cares for you,

The One Who wants the best for you,

Why then do you prefer to hide from Me?

Why then do you prefer the things that will cause your death over Me?

Why then do you keep calling for the things I am keeping you from?

I know the devil roars like a lion searching for preys.

I know he attacks at every chance he gets

I know he wants to separate you from Me

I know, Child, I know

And that is why I made available My Spirit

That is why My Grace is abundant

That is why nothing can separate you from My love

That is why I will never leave you

My Spirit is to lead you away from the devil and closer to Me

However, you have to listen and obey Him

Or you will miss His help and purpose

My Grace is to give you strength to overcome the devil’s attacks

And to restore you to the plan I have for you should you fall along the way

My Love, My Love is to keep you satisfied and filled

My Presence is to remind you constantly of Who is on your side

My Child, come to Me.

Will you?

I am waiting for you.

Will you come?

Child, come and experience the peace and joy I freely give

Come home, My child, come home.

Daddy awaits your return…

Love, God.


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