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Hi y’all! Hope you all are fine. Well, I am awesome and excited and very joyous! Why? Because the semester is about ending and I am looking forward to a long summer break! Woo-hoo!

Okay, okay. Let’s get to today’s post. ☺️

This semester has been very stressful for me – I had all sorts of classes; from boring to fun to tiring to difficult to stressful, just about everything. It has been hard.

My grades were good, although I was struggling and found myself questioning God after every quiz because I thought I was doing very bad. I could barely keep up with the load from school, family, and my relationship with God. I kept asking why I had to be in school if it was going to be this hard and He wasn’t going to help me. And He answered. Not the way I would have liked though. He only reminded me of His Words to me…Words from the Bible, from past messages…He didn’t help me wallow in my sorrow or continue feeding on my wrong ideas. No, He spoke His Words and promises to me. I kept going back for a different answer but I never got one. These Words, however, seemed to tarry and were never going to actualize. Doubt kept filling my mind day in and day out. Whenever He reminded me of the Words He had said to me concerning school and academics, I only shrugged it off and literally said “yeah, right”.

God answers all our prayers, sometimes His answers differs from what we would have preferred. Doesn’t mean He didn’t answer.

Through this all, my grades were good, which never made sense to me.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I fell ill, and had to be out of school for a while. I missed some quizzes. Some grades fell drastically! I was speechless. That was my breaking point, people! I could barely keep up already, now what was I going to do because I had to catch up and all that?

In my mind, I had given up on school because there was nothing more I could with my strength. I was tired. I had lost all of my inspiration and motivation to study.

However, God did not give up on me. Each time school crossed my mind, I tried to ignore it, but He reminded me of His Words. In those moments, I held on to His Words. I began to pray about them and trust in them. I mean I have trusted in God’s Words before and haven’t been disappointed, however, when it wasn’t happening in my time, doubts began to flood my thoughts. Fortunately for me, I returned to His Word and let go off the doubts.

I did my part physically, I studied, did assignments, wrote quizzes and everything that was required of me as a student. It didn’t end there, I prayed about school even the more, like I hadn’t done before.

It was still hard, but praying made me focus on God and His Words, rather than on what my circumstances were telling me. Praying put God’s Word more into perspective. Praying made God’s Word more real to me because in prayer, I got to know more about God and realized what He had said was very possible for Him. Praying built my faith in God. Praying made believing and relying on God even easier.
The semester isn’t over, I am yet to write exams. I am preparing for them to the best of my physical abilities. At the same time, I am praying about these exams like there’s nothing else I can do.

Oh did I mention that, the grades that fell had no other choice than to rise again?? Yeah, God did that!

I keep saying I don’t know how it happened, because I can’t figure out what exactly I did that was possible of raising my grades as much as they did. So just like I did before, I am holding on to God’s Word and relying on the power of prayer.

Dear fellow students, do what you can do physically and all that is required of you as a student. When you’re done, pray like you have done nothing as a student. And hold on to the Words of God and trust in them only. The Words in Bible are to you as much as they are to the people they were spoken to directly. Prayer, no matter what you’ve been told or heard or seen, works and produces results(desired or not). Never forget the Words God has spoken to you and never fail to depend on prayer.

N.B: Funny enough, I turned on my TV before typing this out and a movie was being shown. I paid little attention to it, till the end because it happened to be about how prayer works. A group of children together with their teachers were kept captive in a room with a bomb. These children prayed together and asked God to keep them safe especially if the bomb went off. The bomb did go off but it went up to the roof instead of spreading in the room because the prayer of the children sent down Angels to keep them safe. 

If you get the time, please do watch the movie : THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE


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