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Follow Your Heart

“Follow Your Heart – Anthem Light”

Some say follow your own heart
And it will never lead you astray
Some say chase your own dreams
That’s all that matters anyway
Well I’ve been there, done that, tried that, lived that
Way like it was all for me
And I came back, found out, truth is, turns out
To get me where I’m meant to be

I gotta follow your heart
If anything is gonna count in this life
I gotta follow your heart
If I’m ever gonna make a mark on eternity
So let heavens heartbeat always move me
Let my only prayer be
To follow your heart
Help me follow your heart

I don’t need a second opinion
You just say the word I’ll go (you just say the word I’ll go)
And I don’t need any convincing
To walk along a narrow road (walk along a narrow road)
Cause I’m all in, sold out, can’t turn back now
These are more than empty words (these are more than empty words)
For the things that, I want, I trust, you God
I’ll just keep the first thing first


I count it all as joy
To give this life away, away
There’s not a cost to high
Or price that I won’t pay

To follow your heart (follow your heart)
Follow your heart (follow your heart)
Gotta follow your heart (follow your heart)
Help me follow your heart

I gotta follow your heart
If anything is gonna count in this life
I gotta follow your heart
If I’m ever gonna make a mark on eternity
So let heavens heartbeat always move me
Let my only prayer be
Your heart
Follow your heart
Help me follow your heart (follow your heart)
Help me follow your heart
Help me follow your heart
Help me follow your heart
Follow you heart

The above is the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Anthem Lights titled Follow Your Heart. Initially, I used to listen to it just like any other song, I loved the rhythms, harmony, beat and everything else you can think of. However, I paid little attention to the words of the song.

One morning, as I was listening to my usual playlist and this song came up. Holy Spirit prompted me to pay attention to the words. And I was amazed! It is such a beautiful song that addresses an issue most people tend to face. So today’s post is aimed at sharing what Holy Spirit drew my attention to when He prompted me to pay attention to the words. I hope it blesses you and gives a different perspective on certain things!
N.B: For the purpose of this post, I will be looking at only the first verse and the chorus, which is the part in bold.

Many times, as children especially, we are told to follow our hearts, to do what we want and chase our dreams. That’s alright because sometimes, without such motivation, we give up because these dreams or heart desires appear to be greater than ourselves even. But as one wise person said: “You’re not dreaming big if your dreams do not scare you.”
However, one thing these motivational speakers in our lives often forget to add is that, whatever our dreams are, whatever we aspire to do or whatever it is our heart longs for, we have to pray about it and ran it by Our Father in heaven. He’s got a plan for each and everyone of us, the inception of that plan was even before we were formed in the wombs of our mothers.
But when He, Who had chosen and set me apart [even] before I was born and had called me by His grace (His undeserved favor and blessing), saw fit and was pleased.
Galatians 1:15, AMPC
Sometimes, our dreams and heart’s cries are far from the plans God has for us. They are our own plans, which we develop as a result of society, mostly, from what we see or what we hear. Other times, they are planted in us by God Himself, through our thoughts or through the people around us. How can you differentiate between the two?
Start a relationship with God, talk to Him about everything, pray about everything, and most importantly, listen to what He says and obey His words to you by surrendering your will.
Sometimes, our dreams are the best. We’ve got it all planned out, how to go about it, when to start or how much benefit we’re going to reap from it. How many times are we successful when we decide to leave God out of it? When we refuse to go out of God’s  will for our lives?
Plans outside of God’s will and without Him usually fail because we only see what is before us whereas He knows the end from the beginning. So with Him, He can direct you on the right path and in the successful direction.
Declaring the end and the result from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure and purpose,
Isaiah 46:10, AMPC
It isn’t easy always letting go off what we want to take on God’s plans when we realize what we want is different from God’s plans for us. But really, looking at the reputation and background of you and God, whose plans will you go for?
Let’s see, Abraham followed God’s plans for his life and he and his family was prosperous(Genesis 12). How about David? (1 Samuel 13), King Solomon(1 Kings 1-11), Paul(Acts 9). These are just a few people who lived their lives for Christ, who let go of their will.
They are times when you may have gone through with a plan which succeeded, but just compare your successes to God’s.
He knows the end from the beginning, wouldn’t you rather trust His plan instead of yours which to an extent involves try and error?
So basically, today all I want you to know is that God’s plan are greater than ours, God’s plans are better than ours, God’s plans will succeed more often compared to yours.
The point is, inasmuch as your plan and dreams seem beautiful and well thought out, with a high possibility of success, God’s plans, if well followed and listened to will end up in a success and where He wants you to be.
So, please take a moment, think about your plans and dreams, and if you already haven’t spoken to God about, please and seek His advice and thoughts on whatever they are. Afterwards, be obedient and be willing to surrender your will for His, any day, anytime!
And as the chorus of the song says, “Let your only prayer be to follow God’s heart, instead of yours” always.
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