Hold On Tight…

I lay in bed with my tear-streaked faced. Where are these tears from? Why are they falling? What caused it? Or who did?

Unfortunately, I’m blank on the answers to those…
As I lay here, thinking deeply, hoping I’d eventually come across the source of the tears.

He gently whispers in my heart and soul:
It’s alright.
It’s okay.
Allow me to wipe away those tears.
I know it ain’t easy, I didn’t say it would be.
But as I promised, I’m right here with you.
We’ll get through this together, hold on to Me.
Hold on tight.
I know you’re eager to find out the source of those precious tears…but think about it, does it really matter? What will it change?
Let it go.
Always remember, what matters is Me and what we have together, our precious relationship.
I’ll take you through this.
Keep trusting Me and hold on tight.

There are times when life hits us hard with trouble after trouble, pain after pain, heartbreak after heartbreak and whatnot.

It gets overwhelming and it seems our world is crushing, with no one to turn to…with no help in range…with no way out.
We’ve all experienced that at some point in our life.
Often times, we just pray that it all comes to an end, sooner than later.
Often times, we just pray that we get a way out of it.
Often times, we just pray and ask that our smiles be restored.
How many times do we ask that God teach us what our current circumstance is to teach us?
How many times do we ask God that “May His will be done” in our circumstances?
How many times do we ask God  “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”(Luke 22:42) in our circumstances?
All trials and troubles have a lesson hidden in them. Look out for them.

I’ve had my share of difficulties so I know how it feels.

I know it isn’t easy to look for positivity when everything else says otherwise.
I know it isn’t easy when it feels as if God isn’t hearing our prayers.
I know it isn’t easy to keep holding on to God when everyone says abandon Him.
However, a great reward awaits you when you reach the end of your race (Philippians 3:14).
There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
God is with you on this journey. He hasn’t forgotten you.
Don’t keep your focus on your circumstances or on what the world says.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith(Hebrews 12:2).
Image result for God is with you
So my dear friend, irrespective of what you’re going through, irrespective of what the world is saying, irrespective of what your feelings are telling you, keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep trusting in Him. Keep leaning wholly on Him. Don’t give up on Him because He won’t give up on you.
Go on your knees, say a prayer to Him and leave all to Him, including your emotions because He cares about it too.
Afterwards, smile widely like the winner and conqueror that you are! (Romans 8:37)
Oh and God loves you. Do not let those trials tell you otherwise!

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