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…To the Source

I realized last night that I still didn’t have anything written for today…no post, nada. So, I asked Holy Spirit, and He didn’t say anything. So, I go to bed, wake up in the morning, spend time with Him and ask about it again, still nothing. And so, I go on with my day, go for lectures and return to my room. Still nothing at this point.

I decided to take a nap then do what I’ve got to do. Before I did, I felt the need to take my laptop and type out something, so, I picked up my book and began to comb through my notes…trying to find what to share because I thought it was something I had in there I was going to type. But after a while, I hear a whisper telling me to type out my experience with blogging this week. I realized that He being silent was for a reason, not just because He didn’t wanna give me the words to write or the piece to share, no. It was to teach me something.

During the weekend and the latter part of last week, I tried writing for this week’s post. I did write some things but I just knew it wasn’t for this week, I just knew it. What did I learn? Why did Holy Spirit make me go through this? Read on and I pray you pick up a thing or two to answer those questions.

First off, I don’t blog my words/pieces, I blog God’s words Whatever is put on here and on any other page of HSinspired is solely what God wants His children to know. I tried writing but I didn’t get a post for today because that wasn’t what He had in mind then, because He wasn’t ready to reveal what He had for me. We sometimes try to rush God into working with our times and plans, forgetting His is better than ours because He knows the end from the beginning and knows which times will result in His ultimate best for us.

Also, had I posted any of what I wrote, it would have been totally inspired by me, instead of the Holy Spirit. Whenever we walk outside of God’s timing and will, we have no reason to blame Him when we fail because that’s totally us. We may think we heard His voice leading us, but if you’ll be honest with yourself, it most likely wasn’t Him or it was Him but you went at your own time.

My gifts are subject to God’s leading and His Will. I depend on Him totally when it comes to how I use my gifts, who I use it with, where I use it and what I use it for. Failure to heed to His directions lead to failure in whatever I have planned. He gave me this gift, He knows why He gave it to me, I don’t know why He gave it to me, although I know the primary reason is to bring glory to His name. It only makes sense to lean on and rely on the Source of my writing in the first place because He knows more than I do. He has a greater purpose than I do.

Another thing I learned from all this is not to worry, leave it all to God. I know this is cliché, it’s said over and over, it’s not good to worry, makes you look older, blah blah blah. I was thinking of what to post, it became a worry. I forgot it’s not about me, I forgot I am just a vessel being used by God, I forgot whatever I have in me is what He placed in me. If He hasn’t placed anything in me, there’s nothing to share. I can only share what I have.

 So today, I just want to remind you that your abilities are gifts from God. He placed them in you for a reason, a reason only He knows, unless He’s revealed it to you – that’s why you need to stay in contact with Him to know His plans. Whatever you use your gifts for should be to the Glory of God but also in line with His leading and will. You may do something, which brings Glory to His name, but is it His will? Is that what He asked from you?

Do not seek to bring honor to yourself with your gifts, it’s all about Him, not you. What He uses you for and what He does through you is only possible because of His power at work in you, not because of anything you did or do. It’s all Him, never forget that. Give Him all the Glory and Honor He deserves.

If you haven’t discovered what gift(s) He has placed in you yet, seek Him, spend time in His presence and He will reveal them to you. When He does, be willing to make the sacrifices it requires to use them.


Always remember to depend on God and go back to Him for the operation of your gift(s) because it is made possible by Him in the first place. It is very dangerous to operate in your gift(s) without Him.


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2 thoughts on “…To the Source

  1. Back to the Source. In all things, all go back to the Source. Never do anything without the Source influencing or leading you. Wow. God is good.
    Father, in all things, in all our ways, may we always, consciously and unconsciously, put them aside and come to you to influence and lead as all the way. May we live by Faith Heavenly Father. And may we be one with Your Holy Spirit every single day of our lives Lord. May we be aligned with Holy Spirit, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

    God bless you. #TOTHESOURCE

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