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Follow Your Heart

Sometimes, our dreams and heart's cries are far from the plans God has for us. They are our own plans, which we develop as a result of society, mostly, from what we see or what we hear. Other times, they are planted in us by God Himself, through our thoughts or through the people around us. How can you differentiate between the two?


Hold On Tight…

I lay in bed with my tear-streaked faced. Where are these tears from? Why are they falling? What caused it? Or who did? Unfortunately, I'm blank on the answers to those...

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Move On…With God

Disclaimer: This post isn’t intended to blame anyone. Neither is it meant to make you feel validated because only God can do so. It also isn’t intended to give its readers a leeway to live in sin nor the gateway to blame other people for their choices. All the people spoken of here are wonderful people in their own ways and I blame neither of them for my experiences. Own up to your choices and work together with God and make better ones. I thank God for using them to lead me to Him in one way or the other.

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…To the Source

I just want to remind you that your abilities are gifts from God. He placed them in you for a reason, a reason only He knows, unless He’s revealed it to you - that's why you need to stay in contact with Him to know His plans. Whatever you use your gifts for should be to the Glory of God but also in line with His leading and will. You may do something, which brings Glory to His name, but is it His will? Is that what He asked from you?