Pleasing God or Exciting the devil?

Ever had that moment where you are rejoicing about one thing and the next minute you’re down because of some bad news?

The good news made you realize that you have a Father who cares for you and is working out things for you. It made you realize you’re loved. It made you see that you are never alone. It made you that someone greater is fighting your battles for you.

The bad news, however, came and attempted to make you doubt all the good things showed you. it made feel alone, feel abandoned, feel sad and hurt.

Yeah, we have all had one of such moments or know someone who has.

Just yesterday, I experienced it!

One minute, I was rejoicing that God has come through for me, that He is my helper, that He’s got my back, that He keeps His promises.

The next minute, I was in bed crying because I got some bad news and began to think if God really has my back and keeps His promises. I began to doubt Him and think of all the times things has gone wrong in my life. I forgot about all the things He had done for me.

I felt the devil laughing at me. I couldn’t allow that. I couldn’t allow him triumph over me. I couldn’t let the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross go to waste. In that moment, I was strengthened. I began to think in all the good that has happened instead. I began to remind myself of all God’s promises He has fulfilled. I began to feed my doubt with some faith.

This taught me some valuable lessons:

1.       Your relationship with God cannot be based on feelings – feelings come and go. (Jeremiah 17:9; Ephesians 4:18)

2.       The devil gets excited when we feed our doubt with more doubt.

3.       The devil gets excited when we lose our hope and trust in God.

4.       God allows certain things to happen so we can have greater comebacks and testimonies. ( Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:28; James 1:2-3; Ecclesiastes 7:14)

5.       God is really with us always.( Joshua 1:5,9; Matthew 28:20; Revelation 21:3; Psalm 23:4; Zephaniah 3:17)

6.       When experiencing bad times, draw your strength from the good times made possible by God and His promises yet to be fulfilled.( Isaiah 41:10)

7.       We let the sacrifice on Calvary go waste when we begin to focus on the devil. (Colossians 2:14-15

8.       Living in the flesh makes us lose our focus on Jesus. Keep your focus on Jesus, live in the Spirit.( Galatians 5:24-25)

9.       Praising, having faith in God pleases God especially in our times of adversity. It kills the devil.

10.   Your trust and faith in God should not be based on seasons and circumstances. They should always be firmly rooted in His Word.

11.   God is always faithful. Don’t allow your doubt to block you from seeing it. (2 Timothy 2:13)

 Now, the choice is yours – Pleasing God or exciting the devil?


Praise always confuses the enemy

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When God is silent, He hasn’t deserted you.

When God is silent, He isn’t ignoring you.

When God is silent, it doesn’t mean He’s got no answer for you.

When God is silent, He doesn’t want you to move on your own.

When God is silent, He doesn’t want you to lose hope.

When God is silent, He doesn’t want you to lose your faith.

When God is silent, it doesn’t mean He loves you no more.

When God is silent, He wants you to seek Him more and more.

When God is silent, He wants you to keep trusting Him.

When God is silent, He wants you to wait for His voice.

When God is silent, He wants you to believe in Him.

When God is silent, He wants you to hold on to your faith.

When God is silent, He wants you to remember the times He came through unexpectedly.

When God is silent, He wants you to hold on to His word.

When God is silent, He wants you to worship and praise.

 I have come to realize that God’s silence isn’t denial. Neither does it imply He has no answer for you. Most often, He just wants you to build more trust in Him. He wants you to keep having faith that He will come through.

It doesn’t make sense to worship and praise when everything seems to be going off track and the only person with the answers decides to be quiet. But don’t forget, God inhabits the praises of His children (Psalm 22:3), meaning, when you worship and praise, you will draw Him closer and closer to you.

It is also not easy to be still and wait for God to say something when you need an answer immediately, but trust me, it is worth it. Think about it, which victory ever came easy? Who won a battle but didn’t struggle? Your setbacks give you an idea of the magnitude of your comeback – they are directly proportional.

When God goes silent on you, keep holding on to Him, trust Him even more and don’t stop calling Him, bug Him. He will speak eventually, at the right time. (See Job)

Apparently, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Could God’s silence be a way of creating a deeper hunger, thirst and desire for Him in His children? *wink

 Scriptural references: Job 30:20 – 31, Psalm 22; Hebrews 13:5,-6 Luke 11:9, Psalm 23:4

If you’ve got a minute, check out this beautiful song Hard to Get by Rich Mullinsit shows how God’s ways are very different from ours!


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True Love


What exactly does it mean? Where did it originate from? Who named it? What is love?

I have come to know and believe that God is love. (1 John 4:8). True love is God and it can only be shown in God. The world has its version of love, which is often mistaken for God’s kinda love.

Let me tell you a bit about what I’ve learned about God’s love and that which the world gives, and why I believe that God is indeed love.

1.       He loved us first, even when we had no idea of who He was. 1 John 4:19

2.       Although we were living in sin, and did not appreciate His efforts for us, He still sent His only son to suffer and die on the cross to redeem us and save us from eternal damnation. John 3:16, 1 John 4:9-10

3.       God’s love has no strings attached – it remains regardless of what we do, or say, or think. Romans 8:35-39.

4.       His love for us is everlasting and does not depend on what we do or do not do. 1 John 4:7

5.       God’s love defines us; our identity really stems from Him.

6.       He gives us life daily and provides for us, whether we reciprocate the love or not, whether we obey Him or not, He shows us love. Nehemiah 9:6, John 1:3-4, Philippians 4:19

7.       God is always with us and protects us from all evil even when we are living in sin. Deuteronomy 31:6, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, Matthew 28:20

8.       God’s love is not selfish, it is patient, it is kind, it seeks the good of others and keeps no records of wrong. God’s love is not jealous. 1 Corinthians 13

With the world, it’s different.

The world loves you because of what you can give it.

The world will only love you if only you do what it requires of you and pleases it.

The world’s love always has strings attached, either visible or invisible.

The world only cares for its own.


There are many other reasons why I know and believe that God is love and true love can only exist in Him. You cannot give out what you do not have, therefore, if you do not have God, you do not love, so, you cannot give out love…You may give out the world’s version of love, which is temporary as it depends on certain things.

Today, as you show love to your loved ones, think back on God’s love in your life. Replicate that love to your loved ones – love that does not depend on anything, love that stems from God, love that lasts irrespective of circumstances.

Ask yourself which kind of love have I been showing to people, God’s love or the world’s love? Truth is, without God’s love we are nothing. Without God’s love, we most likely wouldn’t be here today. If more people replicated God’s love, the world would definitely be better than it is today. Be one of God’s advocate and show the world today what it really means to love, what true love really means.

God is always ready to show you what His love looks like, to show you how He changes you with His love. In order to do that, you would have to accept His Son, Jesus, into your heart to create the channel of communication between you and God.

 If you want to accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior and give Him a home in your heart, say this prayer from the depths of your heart:

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You for dying on the cross of Calvary to save me from the world. I believe You died just for me and I confess that You Are Lord. I invite You into my heart, make it Your home and make me Yours. Thank you Jesus. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

If you said this prayer, with your heart and believed it, then you are saved.(Romans 10:9). Jesus resides in your heart. Spend more time talking and listening to Him by praying and reading the Bible. Join a Bible-believing and Spirit-filled church and build a personal relationship with Him.

Patiently wait, and He will amaze you with His Father’s love.

 Always remember: God’s love is permanent and builds you up, the world’s love is temporary and drains you.


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He is Waiting…

I am sure many of you have watched Tyler Perry’s Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor – a couple of you have probably seen it more than once even.

After rededicating my life to Christ and genuinely and wholeheartedly pursuing Him, I happen to chance upon this movie again. Funny enough, it brought tears to my eyes – for different reasons other than just seeing someone in pain like it did when I watched it the first time.

Let me give you a brief summary, if you’ve forgotten some details of it or haven’t seen it yet…

Judith, the main character, married to Brice, decides to enjoy her life, as I would like to put it. She gets used to what she has, and no longer see the value in those things. She no longer regards her husband as enough because she changes her focus in life and looks at what she lacks rather than what she has been gifted with. She decides to search for these things elsewhere and finds a man who gives her what she thinks she needs. Harley, however does not give her sex, money, drugs and variety – he adds pain and bitterness to the package. She failed to see the pain and bitterness as an ill treatment and stooping low, but rather, he took away her self-esteem and confidence and made her feel like she deserved it all, even to the point of death.

Brice, however, is content with whatever he has and is madly in love with Judith. He does his possible best to put a smile on her face and keep her happy. He fails to realize that without Judith being happy on her own, there isn’t much he can do to change that. When he finds out she’s seeing another man, he still doesn’t give up on her, he fights to save their marriage. Although she refused, he didn’t stop, he still tried. He ended up saving her and revenging the guy who caused it all.

Summary over…

Sounds familiar?? No? Sure?

Jesus, our Savior and best friend assumes this position, almost daily, if not daily. We grow comfortable with His presence, His ways and begin to focus on other things, we forget all He’s done for us and no longer see His hands in whatever happens in our lives. We fail to see the effort He invests in us. Like Brice, Jesus never gives up on us. He is always there. No matter how far we push Him, He still tries to get our attention. No matter what or who we cling to, He will wait.

Brice, even after remarrying was still offering Judith assistance. Although it was too late to get back together with Judith, he still showed her love and cared for her. Eventually, she got her life back together.

Fortunately for us, with Christ, once we have life, it’s never too late. He is always waiting on us with open hands to hold us close, to help us through life, to lead and direct us. It is never too late if we have breathe and we should be thankful for that.

Today if you’re reading this, Jesus and I want to let you know that it’s not too late to come to Him. We want you to know that it’s not too late to give Him a place in your life, it’s not too late to hand Him the reigns of control.

You may either be seeing someone else or something else and ignoring Him like Judith did to Brice, or you may have never tried to even start a relationship with Him for whatever reasons like Harley – either ways, He is ready to take you into His arms and make you a part of His family.

Are you ready? Do you want to try? Do you want to experience His love? Take this opportunity He is offering you before you have to take your last breathe on earth, and I promise you, it will be the best decision you’ve made in your life.


Prayer: Dear Lord, I am sorry for giving other things priority and ignoring You. Thank You for loving me all this while. Father, today I am coming You, I am responding to Your call. I want to be a part of your family. I want to start a relationship with You. Give me the Grace and Your Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me through it all. Thank You Father for Your love, Grace and Holy Spirit. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


If you said this prayer wholeheartedly, get into a Bible-believing church. Read the Bible and pray daily. Begin to seek God for yourself. Get to know Him. Constantly talk to Him and seek for His opinion in everything you do.


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