Nature of God

Please, if for whatever reasons, you’re doubting God’s love for you, please rethink!

I won’t even go far with the examples of His love for you.

Just check the calendar, what day is today? Why is it celebrated? (25th December)

It’s Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son!

That right there is a sign of His love for you!

God really loves you and it becomes evident when you give Him a chance! To handle EVERYTHING, from pain to joy to struggles to freedom, everything!

You see, we need to understand something – God loves us not because of what we have or what we can do. He loves us just because it’s His nature. That’s who He is!

He never promised you that the journey will be smooth, He warned us to be on the lookout for the devil and his schemes, isn’t that love??

But He promised you He’ll be with you always, never forsake you, which He has done since day one. Only if you’d look a bit closer..

Why then do you feel forsaken and not loved when the devil advances towards you? You’ve experienced His love before why doubt that it’s no more?

You probably have had a smooth life with no major hurdles but at the sight of the first hurdle you begin to doubt Him. For 10 years, 20years, all you’ve seen is His love daily, waking up alone is a sign of His love, then one day some major trial comes n))r, you start saying God doesn’t love you anymore because you failed to do something or did the wrong thing. Or you’ve experienced one challenge after the other most of your life, so you feel He doesn’t love for some reasons. That right there is you serving the devil because that’s exactly where he wants you! He wants you in your doubting, vulnerable state because it’s easy to deceive you the more and draw you closer to him.

Besides, you’re not powerful enough to change the nature of God!

So don’t deceive yourself that you did something or failed to do something so God is no more love, abeg you don’t have that power.

You see, I’m just here, and thinking of His overwhelming love for me only, not to include my family and friends even, only me, and I’m blown away.

I’m thinking of when I started sinning and getting involved with guys, alongside, those petty lies and theft, and all those other wrongs. He still came through for me whenever I called Him. That’s love.

Just think about it, you disrespect Him every time and He still gives you life, let’s just think about life, He gives it to you daily, whether you’re serving Him right or not. Because He loves you and is giving you another chance.

Oh Kings and Queens, please God loves you, okay?

You won’t see that love when He isn’t your focus or when you allow Him in partially.

It’s evident when you trust Him wholly and can be naked before Him.

It’s evident when you allow Him to teach you and lead you.

It’s evident when you allow Him to heal the brokenness you got when you went against Him.

He just loves you and just like a little child with a toy, He’s eager to show you that love.

You’re going through trials, focusing on the situation is shutting out God’s love.

You can’t multitask when it comes to God and His love. Focus on God and His love will be evident, focus on your situation and His love will be blurred out.

It’s not easy to just focus on God when your entire life seems to be crumbling. When you want to focus on a problem, take it to God in prayer. Focus on the problem by telling Him and afterwards shift your focus to His will.

In order to see His love, you need to keep your focus on Him, no matter how tough it gets.

Keep your focus on God always.


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