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Love or its counterfeit?

Jeremiah 3:2-5 (MSG);

“Look around at the hills.
    Where have you not had sex?
You’ve camped out like hunters stalking deer.
    You’ve solicited many lover-gods,
Like a streetwalking whore
    chasing after other gods.
And so the rain has stopped.
    No more rain from the skies!
But it doesn’t even faze you. Brazen as whores,
    you carry on as if you’ve done nothing wrong.
Then you have the nerve to call out, ‘My father!
    You took care of me when I was a child. Why not now?
Are you going to keep up your anger nonstop?’
    That’s your line. Meanwhile you keep sinning nonstop.”

We complain to God often about what’s not going on well in our lives, today this, tomorrow that, forgetting that our actions have consequences and we will face them no matter how much God loves us.

Let’s take Israel, God loved them. The earlier verses say that Israel was God’s Holy Choice(Jeremiah 2:1-3,MSG). But see the life they lived and what they went through.

They began to worship idols and turn away from God. They did exactly what God didn’t like.

But at the same time, they were expecting God to come through for them, they expected God to be there for them.

Because they knew what God had done for them before. They knew they were God’s own. But they forgot they had changed their ways, they forgot they were no longer seeking to please God but to please themselves and their idols.

Then they went to cry to God, not even asking for forgiveness but to complain about He being angry at them! I mean, does that even make sense? At least complain after asking for forgiveness eh, but no, they didn’t see the need for that. They complained. See God’s Word to them. “Are you going to keep up your anger nonstop? That’s your line. Meanwhile you keep sinning nonstop.”

That’s our attitude as humans, we want our way and want God’s way too. But it doesn’t work like that. You can’t say I want to be of the world and at the same time want to be a child of God and enjoy His blessings. It’s either one or the other. God or the world. There’s no middle, no grey, my friend. Choose one side and stick to it, no confusion.

God too, He’ll allow you to do as you please although He’ll try to draw your attention, it’s your choice to listen and change your ways.

But when you choose to be of the world, don’t complain about not seeing His blessings any longer.

Jeremiah 3:11-15(MSG);

Then God told me, “Fickle Israel was a good sight better than flighty Judah. Go and preach this message. Face north toward Israel and say:

“‘Turn back, fickle Israel.
I’m not just hanging back to punish you.
I’m committed in love to you.
My anger doesn’t seethe nonstop.
Just admit your guilt.
Admit your God-defiance.
Admit to your promiscuous life with casual partners,
pulling strangers into the sex-and-religion groves
While turning a deaf ear to me.’”
God’s Decree.
“Come back, wandering children!”
God’s Decree.
“I, yes I, am your true husband.
I’ll pick you out one by one—
This one from the city, these two from the country—
and bring you to Zion.
I’ll give you good shepherd-rulers who rule my way,
who rule you with intelligence and wisdom.

 God goes on to call Israel, to turn back. He’s not waiting to punish them because He’s committed in love to them.

All He wanted from them was to admit their guilt and come back to Him.

You see, God’s love is different, it’s just amazing. See the way Israel turned their backs on Him and He didn’t want to punish them. He just wanted them to admit their mistakes, only that and they’re fine.

Just like Israel, God loves each one of us here. Believe it or not, your mistakes don’t take away that love. Each one of us here is His Holy choice.

Your doubt doesn’t change His nature and feelings towards you. It’s the same every day.

You may not be seeing God’s blessings any longer, you may feel abandoned, but before you complain, check yourself, check your life, be sure you’re living right and not deliberately going against His ways.

See in Job’s situation, he was blameless. But in Israel’s case, it was their own doing.

So before complaining, check to see if you’re a Job or an Israel.

If you find out you’re a Job, you still have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN because God has come through for you many times in the past. So just continue seeking Him and be ready to learn what He wants to teach you in that situation.

If you find out you’re an Israel, don’t try to justify your actions, no matter what. Put aside pride, ego or whatever emotions and put on humility and ask for forgiveness, admit your wrongdoings. That’s all He wants. Just admit it. Don’t complain.

See, the Man is committed in love with you. He just wants to see you committed in love with Him too.

He knows the world is tempting and you may fall sometimes. That’s why His Grace is abundant but you can’t enjoy that Grace without first admitting you’re wrong.

If you’re addicted to that sin, He can set you free – actually He already did that, on the Cross of Calvary.

If that life seems like so much fun so you don’t want to let go, He can show you more fun.

Whatever the world offers, is a counterfeit of what He offers. So why not enjoy the original instead?

And all it takes? Go to Him and admit you’re wrong and in need of Him. That’s all!

Everything that follows, He will walk you through and give you all you need.

So, please be humble enough to admit your wrongs and let Him know you need Him.

Accept His Grace.

Don’t complain to God if you’re not ready to change your lifestyle!


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