Lessons from Moses and the Israelites – Part 2

As promised, Lessons from Moses and the Israelites has been continued…

Always remember, God has an answer to everything you’ve been through, what you’re going through now and what you’re yet to go through. Call on Him always.


  1. The Israelites lost hope and complained. To them, God was just making their problems worse – Pharaoh increased their workload. Even Moses lost hope and questioned God if that was what He meant by rescue. God only assured Moses that He had already figured it out, that He really was going to bring them out. Sometimes, all we need is a word of assurance from God. You can only get that if you talk to Him. Instead of complaining to people, go to God. Exodus 5-6:1-8
  2. Moses was okay after hearing God’s assurance, but the Israelites were still discouraged and doubted God’s Word about them. Moses was not governed by His circumstances, He focused on God and His Words. The Israelites focused on their circumstances. As a child of God, His word should overrule any other word you hear or what your circumstance is saying. Exodus 6:9
  3. God sent Moses to Pharaoh again after the Israelites ignored his word. Moses was discouraged and remembered his flaws again(stuttering). God literally ignored him and went ahead to give Him more details on how to carry out his purpose. Really, God doesn’t focus on your flaws, it’s all about what He can do through you. He sees you as flawless. Exodus 6:10-13, 23-30, 7
  4. Moses stayed obedient, no matter how tough the pressure got, he always did what God required of him. Obedience is key in our walk with God.
  5. When God swarm Egypt with frogs, Pharaoh agreed to let the people go, so Moses prayed and asked God take away the frogs and God did. Pharaoh went back and his word and refused to let the people go. God attacked Egypt with more plagues. Just like Pharaoh, certain situations, we make promises to God but refuse to fulfill them when we’re out of them. We have to abide by our words/promises to God especially, no matter what comes our way because God does. Exodus 8, 9
  6. When Pharaoh decided to obey God, he wanted it on his terms – he was ready to let only the men go. God wanted all His people freed and out of slavery. Obedience to God means doing exactly as He says, not partially. It’s either all or nothing. Exodus 10:10-11, 24
  7. God keeps and protects His own, no matter where they find themselves. Exodus 12
  8. All throughout your life, remember what God has done for you. Never forget His goodness and mercies shown upon you. Exodus 13:1-16
  9. God was with the Israelites throughout their journey as a Pillar of cloud by day and a Pillar of fire by night. As a child of God, He goes before you, He is always with you, wherever you go, whatever you do. You’re never alone. Exodus 13:21-22


Bonus: Pharaoh already had a hardened heart, but throughout the story, we realize that God hardened his heart also. His hardened heart is the reason he disobeyed God and wanted his way. His hardened heart is the reason the Israelites were in Egypt for long. His hardened heart is the same reason he lost his son. First time I realized that on a number of occasions, God hardened his heart, I was confused because I thought God wanted His people out of Egypt, so why make the only person in the way more stubborn than he already is, instead of just getting him to agree? Well, I forgot that God’s ways are higher than mine. (Isaiah 55:9)
Another thing I realized was that, the first time God hardened his heart was after he refused to obey God and His servant. That implies he was already stubborn and had no regard for God and His people(This is also evident in the way He treats the people). So all God did was to help Pharaoh in a way, by making him more stubborn than he initially was.
So I asked, and the Holy Spirit said it was to glorify God. 😱 And He also led me to ask a couple of friends so I did. What I learned was that at the time, the Israelites did not know God so much, they knew about God, yes, but did not know much about Him and what He was capable of doing. And in Egypt, they worshipped the Egyptian gods. Moses, who was to lead them out, did not know God much either. So the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart and the consequences was to show His powers to both Pharaoh and the Israelites – to show Pharaoh and his people that “they ain’t got nothing on Yahweh”(ZioniteMJB) and to build the trust of the Israelites in Him, because their escape route was through the wilderness. He showed them who He was so they could trust that He’d provide for them through it all and be by their side.
So basically, God doing that was to show them who He is, to build trust in Him and to show His children that He’s always there for them and fights their battles for them.
Isaiah 35:4 says “Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God; he will come and save you.” He comes with vengeance because aside coming to save His children, He comes to show those who touched His children His power and teach them some lessons. (ZioniteMJB).
Just like in the case of Pharaoh and the Israelites!
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When the Spirit of truth comes,

He will guide you into all the truth,

For he will not speak on his own authority,

But whatever he hears he will speak,

And he will declare to you the things that are to come. (John 16:13 ESV)

You are to move as led in Christ. When Christ was leaving He made a promise to send a comforter, an intercessor, a teacher that is the HOLY SPIRIT to guide you. Why do you want to do everything by yourself when you did not create yourself?
Why do you allow the world to get to you so much that you lose yourself. The things and the culture of the world make us feel like we are in control of our lives. “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16 ESV)”

Truth is you are not in control, you have to give yourself away to move only AS LED by the Holy Spirit.
Move AS LED in Academics
Move AS LED in your Career
Move AS LED in your friendships
Move AS LED in your finances
Move AS LED in every area of your life.
Moving AS LED becomes so easy when you are INSPIRED by the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Holy Spirit is there with you. All you need to do is to ask and He will comfort you, He will intercede, He will teach you and He will guide you into all truths.
The Truth about your career
The Truth about your friendships
The Truth about your finances
The Truth about your health.
The Truth about everything in your life.

You are not meant to struggle contrary to what the world makes you believe.
You have Grace that is abundant, Grace that never decreases.
You cannot give yourself the best because darling you do not know yourself better than God does.

When YOU move AS LED YOU become the best YOU God made YOU to be.



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More of You, Lord!

Show me your face by William McDowell

“I’m not satisfied

With where I’ve been

Though I’ve cried out before

Still I want more

I wanna go deeper

I wanna go further

I wanna go higher

Than I’ve ever been”

A verse from William McDowell’s song, Show me Your face.

This is literally a plea, from the heart, that God loves to hear from His children. It’s never too much with God, it’s never enough, you can’t have enough of God.

There’s so much more to God and His glory and His presence and His nature. You may have experienced Him, you’ve been in His presence before, had goose bumps, fallen under His anointing or whatever, but that’s not all. There’s more He wants to show you about His Kingdom, about Him, He wants to reveal more to you.

Are you ready? Do you want more of Him? More of His presence? More encounters? More of Daddy?

Just ask Him for it. Ask Him for more of Himself.

If you’ve heard about Him but don’t know Him, there’s a chance for you to know Him, it’s not too late, His arms are wide open waiting to receive you. Are you ready to take that step of faith? The step to experience God? The Bible says “because if you acknowledge and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord [recognizing His power, authority, and majesty as God], and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 AMP.

That’s all it takes to know Him – a confession and believe.

Say this prayer if you’re ready to accept Him, if you’re ready to let go and let God:

“Dear Lord, I know I’m a sinner. I know you raised Jesus from the dead to wipe away my sins and make me worthy before you. Today, I confess that Jesus is Lord and accept Him as my Lord and personal Savior, I invite Him to make my heart His home. I believe that you raised Him from the dead for me. I accept Jesus into my heart today. Amen”

If you said this prayer, wholeheartedly, you’re saved. Join a Bible-believing Church, if you’re not in one already. Spend time reading the Bible and praying to God and just talking to Him. Surround yourself with people with the same belief and grow in Christ. Be ready to experience more and more of Him daily, if you seek Him, intentionally!

God bless you!

Lessons from Moses and the Israelites – Part 1

Moses, a Hebrew, was born in a time where his life was in danger, but his mother was able to save him through the wisdom of God. Pharaoh’s daughter picked him up and cared for him, so he was recognized as an Egyptian Prince, until he murdered an Egyptian. He fled Egypt to save his life. Later on, God sent him back to release the people of Israel from slavery. There are a number of lessons that can be taken from their journey…

1.      The Israelites outnumbered the Egyptians. This led to Pharaoh, their king, to order the midwives to kill all male babies of the Israelite ladies. The midwives as a result of the fear of the Lord disobeyed Pharaoh and let them live. And God blessed them. God always has a way of saving His people from the enemy. We should fear the Lord only, not man. Exodus 1:6-21

2.      Moses, according to Pharaoh’s order should have died at birth. God had a purpose laid out for Moses and couldn’t allow Him to die so soon. If you haven’t reached where God wants to take you, the plans of the enemy will only be but a stepping stone to get you there. Exodus 2:1-10

3.      Moses had to run away from Egypt to Midian to save His life from Pharaoh. God will sometimes take you from your comfort zone to a new environment to prepare you for your purpose. Accept it and enjoy it with Him. Exodus 2:11-22

4.      The Israelites cried out to God when their burden increased. God heard them, saw what they were going through. He remembered His covenant with their forefathers. Then He reached out to Moses to go and save His people. God hears our cries and understands our cries. He always remembers His end of our covenant with Him and fulfills it. Exodus 2:23-25

5.      God’s ways are higher than ours, usually beyond the human comprehension. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in a burning bush but the bush was not consumed. Don’t look for God in situations using your human mind. Use your Spirit or you may miss Him. Exodus 3:1-3

6.      God’s presence is Holy, no matter where you experience it. God told Moses to take off his sandals. Moses hid face too. In the presence of God, we need to show Him some reverence and give Him the due respect. Exodus 3:5-6

7.      God hears our cry, He answers them in His own time, not ours. Israel had been in slavery for a number of years before God came to deliver them. Often, there’s something He wants us to learn in our pain – be ready to learn and not so eager to exit. Exodus 3:7-10

8.      When He answers our cries, He brings freedom, peace, joy and better than what we asked for. He gives us more than enough. Exodus 3:7-8

9.      Before God calls you to do something, He has already planned it out – people to help you, resources, strength in your weakness. Moses felt inadequate to do what God asked Him to do, but God had already spoken to Aaron and figured out what will make the people believe Moses. You need to be obedient and trust Him and allow Him to lead you. Exodus 4:1-17

10.   Whenever God sends you to deliver a message or carry out a task, whoever it is intended to reach and impact will get it. Don’t worry about the doubters. Exodus 3:13-18

11.   God goes the extra mile for His children when we leave everything to Him to take care off. He gave them a plan to gain some things for themselves and not leave Egypt empty-handed. He handles our enemies better than we ever could. Exodus 3:19-22

12.   As Moses journeyed back to Egypt, he fell ill and almost died. God sought to kill him although He had sent him on a mission because of his disobedience – he failed to circumcise one of his sons. No matter what God has planned for you, your disobedience can bring it to a halt. Exodus 4:24-25

13.   When they got to know the reason for his sickness, Zipporah, his wife, immediately circumcised him and touched Moses with the knife she used. He was healed immediately. We need the right people in our lives, who are sensitive to the voice of God, people who will lead us closer to fulfilling our purpose, not draw us further from it. Exodus 4:25-2

To be continued…

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Love or its counterfeit?

Jeremiah 3:2-5 (MSG);

“Look around at the hills.
    Where have you not had sex?
You’ve camped out like hunters stalking deer.
    You’ve solicited many lover-gods,
Like a streetwalking whore
    chasing after other gods.
And so the rain has stopped.
    No more rain from the skies!
But it doesn’t even faze you. Brazen as whores,
    you carry on as if you’ve done nothing wrong.
Then you have the nerve to call out, ‘My father!
    You took care of me when I was a child. Why not now?
Are you going to keep up your anger nonstop?’
    That’s your line. Meanwhile you keep sinning nonstop.”

We complain to God often about what’s not going on well in our lives, today this, tomorrow that, forgetting that our actions have consequences and we will face them no matter how much God loves us.

Let’s take Israel, God loved them. The earlier verses say that Israel was God’s Holy Choice(Jeremiah 2:1-3,MSG). But see the life they lived and what they went through.

They began to worship idols and turn away from God. They did exactly what God didn’t like.

But at the same time, they were expecting God to come through for them, they expected God to be there for them.

Because they knew what God had done for them before. They knew they were God’s own. But they forgot they had changed their ways, they forgot they were no longer seeking to please God but to please themselves and their idols.

Then they went to cry to God, not even asking for forgiveness but to complain about He being angry at them! I mean, does that even make sense? At least complain after asking for forgiveness eh, but no, they didn’t see the need for that. They complained. See God’s Word to them. “Are you going to keep up your anger nonstop? That’s your line. Meanwhile you keep sinning nonstop.”

That’s our attitude as humans, we want our way and want God’s way too. But it doesn’t work like that. You can’t say I want to be of the world and at the same time want to be a child of God and enjoy His blessings. It’s either one or the other. God or the world. There’s no middle, no grey, my friend. Choose one side and stick to it, no confusion.

God too, He’ll allow you to do as you please although He’ll try to draw your attention, it’s your choice to listen and change your ways.

But when you choose to be of the world, don’t complain about not seeing His blessings any longer.

Jeremiah 3:11-15(MSG);

Then God told me, “Fickle Israel was a good sight better than flighty Judah. Go and preach this message. Face north toward Israel and say:

“‘Turn back, fickle Israel.
I’m not just hanging back to punish you.
I’m committed in love to you.
My anger doesn’t seethe nonstop.
Just admit your guilt.
Admit your God-defiance.
Admit to your promiscuous life with casual partners,
pulling strangers into the sex-and-religion groves
While turning a deaf ear to me.’”
God’s Decree.
“Come back, wandering children!”
God’s Decree.
“I, yes I, am your true husband.
I’ll pick you out one by one—
This one from the city, these two from the country—
and bring you to Zion.
I’ll give you good shepherd-rulers who rule my way,
who rule you with intelligence and wisdom.

 God goes on to call Israel, to turn back. He’s not waiting to punish them because He’s committed in love to them.

All He wanted from them was to admit their guilt and come back to Him.

You see, God’s love is different, it’s just amazing. See the way Israel turned their backs on Him and He didn’t want to punish them. He just wanted them to admit their mistakes, only that and they’re fine.

Just like Israel, God loves each one of us here. Believe it or not, your mistakes don’t take away that love. Each one of us here is His Holy choice.

Your doubt doesn’t change His nature and feelings towards you. It’s the same every day.

You may not be seeing God’s blessings any longer, you may feel abandoned, but before you complain, check yourself, check your life, be sure you’re living right and not deliberately going against His ways.

See in Job’s situation, he was blameless. But in Israel’s case, it was their own doing.

So before complaining, check to see if you’re a Job or an Israel.

If you find out you’re a Job, you still have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN because God has come through for you many times in the past. So just continue seeking Him and be ready to learn what He wants to teach you in that situation.

If you find out you’re an Israel, don’t try to justify your actions, no matter what. Put aside pride, ego or whatever emotions and put on humility and ask for forgiveness, admit your wrongdoings. That’s all He wants. Just admit it. Don’t complain.

See, the Man is committed in love with you. He just wants to see you committed in love with Him too.

He knows the world is tempting and you may fall sometimes. That’s why His Grace is abundant but you can’t enjoy that Grace without first admitting you’re wrong.

If you’re addicted to that sin, He can set you free – actually He already did that, on the Cross of Calvary.

If that life seems like so much fun so you don’t want to let go, He can show you more fun.

Whatever the world offers, is a counterfeit of what He offers. So why not enjoy the original instead?

And all it takes? Go to Him and admit you’re wrong and in need of Him. That’s all!

Everything that follows, He will walk you through and give you all you need.

So, please be humble enough to admit your wrongs and let Him know you need Him.

Accept His Grace.

Don’t complain to God if you’re not ready to change your lifestyle!


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Nature of God

Please, if for whatever reasons, you’re doubting God’s love for you, please rethink!

I won’t even go far with the examples of His love for you.

Just check the calendar, what day is today? Why is it celebrated? (25th December)

It’s Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son!

That right there is a sign of His love for you!

God really loves you and it becomes evident when you give Him a chance! To handle EVERYTHING, from pain to joy to struggles to freedom, everything!

You see, we need to understand something – God loves us not because of what we have or what we can do. He loves us just because it’s His nature. That’s who He is!

He never promised you that the journey will be smooth, He warned us to be on the lookout for the devil and his schemes, isn’t that love??

But He promised you He’ll be with you always, never forsake you, which He has done since day one. Only if you’d look a bit closer..

Why then do you feel forsaken and not loved when the devil advances towards you? You’ve experienced His love before why doubt that it’s no more?

You probably have had a smooth life with no major hurdles but at the sight of the first hurdle you begin to doubt Him. For 10 years, 20years, all you’ve seen is His love daily, waking up alone is a sign of His love, then one day some major trial comes n))r, you start saying God doesn’t love you anymore because you failed to do something or did the wrong thing. Or you’ve experienced one challenge after the other most of your life, so you feel He doesn’t love for some reasons. That right there is you serving the devil because that’s exactly where he wants you! He wants you in your doubting, vulnerable state because it’s easy to deceive you the more and draw you closer to him.

Besides, you’re not powerful enough to change the nature of God!

So don’t deceive yourself that you did something or failed to do something so God is no more love, abeg you don’t have that power.

You see, I’m just here, and thinking of His overwhelming love for me only, not to include my family and friends even, only me, and I’m blown away.

I’m thinking of when I started sinning and getting involved with guys, alongside, those petty lies and theft, and all those other wrongs. He still came through for me whenever I called Him. That’s love.

Just think about it, you disrespect Him every time and He still gives you life, let’s just think about life, He gives it to you daily, whether you’re serving Him right or not. Because He loves you and is giving you another chance.

Oh Kings and Queens, please God loves you, okay?

You won’t see that love when He isn’t your focus or when you allow Him in partially.

It’s evident when you trust Him wholly and can be naked before Him.

It’s evident when you allow Him to teach you and lead you.

It’s evident when you allow Him to heal the brokenness you got when you went against Him.

He just loves you and just like a little child with a toy, He’s eager to show you that love.

You’re going through trials, focusing on the situation is shutting out God’s love.

You can’t multitask when it comes to God and His love. Focus on God and His love will be evident, focus on your situation and His love will be blurred out.

It’s not easy to just focus on God when your entire life seems to be crumbling. When you want to focus on a problem, take it to God in prayer. Focus on the problem by telling Him and afterwards shift your focus to His will.

In order to see His love, you need to keep your focus on Him, no matter how tough it gets.

Keep your focus on God always.


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