Mistakes do happen…they’re a part of life, no doubt about it. But what do you with them, what do you do afterwards? Do you try to find means and ways of justifying them or find ways of not repeating? Do you see it as a stepping stone to get to your final destination or a curve to reach a much easier destination? Do you apologize and ask for forgiveness or you rather be the macho one and defend yourself?
Mistakes are often out of our control but what we do after is so much dependent on you. I’m in no position to judge you or look down upon you for a few wrong turns taken. That isn’t my job.
See, I personally think mistakes are not just that, ‘mistakes’, but rather a learning point in our journey. Whatever you do wrong, learn something new from it. Should you take a wrong turn on your way to work, don’t just grumble but take note of the landmarks on it or where it leads to for future use. You could also learn a new skill or better an existing skill when you make a mistake at work.
What if it’s towards a person? Well, pretty much the same. Rather than blaming yourself, take note of what resulted in that mistake and keep it at the back of your mind. Why? So you can make a mental note of it so avoid repeating it.
Mistakes against our Savior….hmmm….that’s my favorite part. There was a point in my life where I couldn’t forgive myself for sinning or doing something below expectations because I thought God was disappointed and didn’t want me anymore(LOL). I couldn’t forgive myself because I thought He wouldn’t forgive me. I was oblivious to the Truth about myself found in Christ. I’m not saying it’s right to sin, no. Should we sin, remember His Grace is abundant but that same Grace isn’t a license to continue living a sinful life.
Go to Him with a repentant heart, be sincere, honest and just tell Him how you feel. Ask for forgiveness because He said He’ll forgive us if we confess our sins. Don’t try justifying your actions because it isn’t worth it. Go to HIM, repentant, and He will make you clean once again. As much as possible, don’t wait too long to repent and seek forgiveness because the devil plays with that. It’s the easiest and quickest invite into your life. He will make you feel less and not worthy of the Love of God. He will use guilt to pin you down close to himself.
It’s also the way to push God away because Light and darkness do not agree and hence cannot abide in the same house. And since He’s a gentle Guy, He won’t force HIS way inside but will patiently wait for an invite. He can only break the hold the devil has on you if you ask Him to. You’re as white as snow as soon as you confess your sins and genuinely repent. You should forgive yourself afterwards because if you don’t the devil will keep using it against you.
Christ has given you so much power over him, let go of the guilt and exercise that power.

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