What exactly are memories? Why do we try to hold on to them so much? Why not let them go? Why allow them to destroy the present and what you have now? Why not enjoy the moment?
Well… Some try to keep them using picture, others words amongst other things.
It’s a great thing… It helps you go back in time…to experience that special moment once more, to feel some closure, or just to reminisce. But why allow it to ruin the present, the moment, what you can enjoy now?
God gives us every moment to make the best out of it, to manifest His Glory in one way or the other. Why not do that? Create new and better memories every chance you get. Enjoy the gift the Almighty in His Great Wisdom has given freely to you. Manifest His Glory.
Reflect on memories, but not to let it ruin what you have going on in the present, instead to let it guide you to build better memories.
Recognize the little things which could be done differently and result in better memories.
If new memories are being built in a new environment, desist and resist the temptation of comparison. Every environment, every person we encounter has something special about them and hence cannot be expected to be the same as the old encounters. These comparisons hinder you from noticing the unique things about where you find yourself.
Compare only if it is to help you notice the mistakes you made in the previous environment to work on it and better them. No matter how similar a situation may look to a new one, remember there’s something unique about it and be ready to learn something new from it.
Appreciate every moment you get because it’s a gift.
Aim to manifest the Glory of the Source.
Build better memories every day and give Him all the praise due Him.

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