Self-esteem or something like that

Bodybuilder’s body with all the sexy cuts at the right places, tall, slight beard, dark blah blah blah! How many girls actually get these kind of guys to spend the rest of their earthly lives with? When asked who your “ideal man” is, many girls claim they think about it but they only come up with physical preferences. Guys are pretty much the same, “She for be light-skinned, big booty then boobs, small waist but in hips for blow minds, charle” and the list goes on and on. These preferences do not only affect the people who have them but also the innocent people out there who do not fall in line with these. Choosing a life partner isn’t about how the person looks, at least, that’s what I know. As they say, “Swag ain’t gonna pay bills.” What if he loses all the body cuts at the age of 40 because he begins to live the life, are you going to stay or move on to the next young guy with the right body to be his “sugar mommy”? What if her boobs begin to droop because of your beautiful children, what choice will be made – go to clubs to find the next chic with the sexiest body each week? Our judgement gets clouded, in my opinion, with societies’ about who or what an “ideal partner” should be. When did we stop dating because of a life-long goal rather than just fun? When did it change to watching out for the physical rather than the beauty that lies within? Why do we consider what will pass away with time rather than focusing on what will always be there? Enough about what I think. What does our life manual tell us? There is the Proverbs 31 woman so is there the Ephesians 5 man. When did we stop desiring to be these people? When did we start wanting partners just to fit in and to be accepted in the circle we find ourselves? We end up hurting innocent people because of our selfish desires. We choose a partner and realize aside their bodies, there is nothing we like about them so we decide to leave. Sadly, the other person has invested a lot into and is left in shambles.

My dear friends who are being affected by these set standards of who an “ideal partner” should be, do not worry, you are not alone, God’s got this. A time will come when you will be in high demand because of your personality and character regardless of your body type and size. Do not lose hope because you are not a size 6 or you have only one big pac. Do not think that someone else is going to get the girl or guy you want always because God’s got this. A number of people still go out there looking for character rather than the physical appearances. Relax, the Perfecter of all things, the Author and Finisher of everything has your back! Why think you will end up with the wrong person because of the world’s standards? That is like telling Him, ‘I know You can do all things but I’m sorry, you can’t get me a partner, the right partner to be precise.” Ouch! That hurt Him. Why doubt Me in that aspect, He wants to know. And all you have to say is that “I am not a size 6 or light-skinned …..” He tells you, “Why worry about those things, I don’t care about that, they are far from My standards, Look up to me, just trust Me.” He has already designed someone for you, you may not have met them yet, why? You may ask. Because He is preparing you both for each other to be able to build one another up. He wants you to have the perfect relationship. Relax, sit back and look to Him for the perfect partner.

Pause! I’m not saying you can’t desire someone with a particular physique, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus. Consider the character and if he/she has your physical preferences, yaaaay! That’s a plus. Look out for things that will make you stay and love them always should they grow old lose the physique you so love.

Trust God and He will lead you to your partner.


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