Mistakes do happen…they’re a part of life, no doubt about it. But what do you with them, what do you do afterwards? Do you try to find means and ways of justifying them or find ways of not repeating? Do you see it as a stepping stone to get to your final destination or a curve to reach a much easier destination? Do you apologize and ask for forgiveness or you rather be the macho one and defend yourself?
Mistakes are often out of our control but what we do after is so much dependent on you. I’m in no position to judge you or look down upon you for a few wrong turns taken. That isn’t my job.
See, I personally think mistakes are not just that, ‘mistakes’, but rather a learning point in our journey. Whatever you do wrong, learn something new from it. Should you take a wrong turn on your way to work, don’t just grumble but take note of the landmarks on it or where it leads to for future use. You could also learn a new skill or better an existing skill when you make a mistake at work.
What if it’s towards a person? Well, pretty much the same. Rather than blaming yourself, take note of what resulted in that mistake and keep it at the back of your mind. Why? So you can make a mental note of it so avoid repeating it.
Mistakes against our Savior….hmmm….that’s my favorite part. There was a point in my life where I couldn’t forgive myself for sinning or doing something below expectations because I thought God was disappointed and didn’t want me anymore(LOL). I couldn’t forgive myself because I thought He wouldn’t forgive me. I was oblivious to the Truth about myself found in Christ. I’m not saying it’s right to sin, no. Should we sin, remember His Grace is abundant but that same Grace isn’t a license to continue living a sinful life.
Go to Him with a repentant heart, be sincere, honest and just tell Him how you feel. Ask for forgiveness because He said He’ll forgive us if we confess our sins. Don’t try justifying your actions because it isn’t worth it. Go to HIM, repentant, and He will make you clean once again. As much as possible, don’t wait too long to repent and seek forgiveness because the devil plays with that. It’s the easiest and quickest invite into your life. He will make you feel less and not worthy of the Love of God. He will use guilt to pin you down close to himself.
It’s also the way to push God away because Light and darkness do not agree and hence cannot abide in the same house. And since He’s a gentle Guy, He won’t force HIS way inside but will patiently wait for an invite. He can only break the hold the devil has on you if you ask Him to. You’re as white as snow as soon as you confess your sins and genuinely repent. You should forgive yourself afterwards because if you don’t the devil will keep using it against you.
Christ has given you so much power over him, let go of the guilt and exercise that power.


What exactly are memories? Why do we try to hold on to them so much? Why not let them go? Why allow them to destroy the present and what you have now? Why not enjoy the moment?
Well… Some try to keep them using picture, others words amongst other things.
It’s a great thing… It helps you go back in time…to experience that special moment once more, to feel some closure, or just to reminisce. But why allow it to ruin the present, the moment, what you can enjoy now?
God gives us every moment to make the best out of it, to manifest His Glory in one way or the other. Why not do that? Create new and better memories every chance you get. Enjoy the gift the Almighty in His Great Wisdom has given freely to you. Manifest His Glory.
Reflect on memories, but not to let it ruin what you have going on in the present, instead to let it guide you to build better memories.
Recognize the little things which could be done differently and result in better memories.
If new memories are being built in a new environment, desist and resist the temptation of comparison. Every environment, every person we encounter has something special about them and hence cannot be expected to be the same as the old encounters. These comparisons hinder you from noticing the unique things about where you find yourself.
Compare only if it is to help you notice the mistakes you made in the previous environment to work on it and better them. No matter how similar a situation may look to a new one, remember there’s something unique about it and be ready to learn something new from it.
Appreciate every moment you get because it’s a gift.
Aim to manifest the Glory of the Source.
Build better memories every day and give Him all the praise due Him.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Well, the Bible tells me He is a Comforter, Teacher, Standby, Healer, basically my everything. That is who He’s supposed to be at least.
As a believer, we’re to be in constant communication with Him. Because we do not fight against the carnal world but against the spiritual realm and principalities. He is our link. He tells us what is happening there. He directs us as to what to do to win the fight. God handles our battles for us through the Holy Spirit. He tells Him what to tell us.
How do we win the fight when we can’t communicate with our Fighter? Our Strength? Our Lead? It’s like entering into a battle with no sight nor hearing, it’s likely you will lose that fight. But what happens when you go in prepared? With the right apparels and knowledge? We come out victorious!
The Holy Spirit gives us the apparel we need, the knowledge we need as well as wisdom to handle it. We need to communicate with Him constantly to know what He’s saying about our current fight or the next one or the one after.
How do I communicate with Him?
Spend more time with Him, read the Word, pray more. Just like how you get to know a person by being with him or her often and staying in constant communication and asking questions, it’s pretty much the same with the Holy Spirit. Although you may not see Him with your eyes, you can see Him with your spiritual eyes, when you get close to Him. Constantly, talk to Him. You may not get a reply immediately, not because He didn’t answer but because you were not able to recognize His voice amongst the many other voices speaking daily, but don’t give up because the more you spend time with Him and get to know His ways, the easier it will be to recognize His voice.
The Holy Spirit desires you to seek Him and communicate with Him, He longs to hear you call out for help in all situations and decisions you take, even the most trivial things, like what to wear or what to have for lunch. I know. He’s sweet like that. Regardless of how you feel or whatever sin you may have committed, He still desires to hear your voice. He will never reject you. You may feel guilty and unwanted but He loves you still. He’s waiting for you.
He’s a Gentleman. He won’t force His way into your life. Although He would long to have you in His arms, He’d patiently wait for you to come to Him, rather than just pulling you to Him. Remember, you’ve been given free will – the power to make decisions – He doesn’t take that from you, no matter what.
He wants you, even in your broken state. He wants to mend you, together with your help. Just take the first step and invite Him in and watch Him love you.
He does not just see you through life, He makes you happy, joyous, peaceful. Ever seen someone whose face is always lit up, regardless of their current situation? I bet that’s the doing of the Holy Spirit because He’s good at that. He makes you see the beauty in yourself. He joins the broken pieces and forms the most beautiful piece of art out of it. He gives you beauty for ashes. He makes you light up and shine so bright wherever you go. He’s happiness and peace and joy and He rubs it off on you because that’s how He longs for you to be at all times.
He’s your source of everything – food, clothes, knowledge, success – just name it. He handles that too. He’s your provider. Mummy or daddy may physically give it to you but the Holy Spirit is behind it. You lack nothing with Him in your life, just tell Him about it and He will give it to you according to the will of the Father and at the right time.
Be patient and trust Him.

Self-esteem or something like that

Bodybuilder’s body with all the sexy cuts at the right places, tall, slight beard, dark blah blah blah! How many girls actually get these kind of guys to spend the rest of their earthly lives with? When asked who your “ideal man” is, many girls claim they think about it but they only come up with physical preferences. Guys are pretty much the same, “She for be light-skinned, big booty then boobs, small waist but in hips for blow minds, charle” and the list goes on and on. These preferences do not only affect the people who have them but also the innocent people out there who do not fall in line with these. Choosing a life partner isn’t about how the person looks, at least, that’s what I know. As they say, “Swag ain’t gonna pay bills.” What if he loses all the body cuts at the age of 40 because he begins to live the life, are you going to stay or move on to the next young guy with the right body to be his “sugar mommy”? What if her boobs begin to droop because of your beautiful children, what choice will be made – go to clubs to find the next chic with the sexiest body each week? Our judgement gets clouded, in my opinion, with societies’ about who or what an “ideal partner” should be. When did we stop dating because of a life-long goal rather than just fun? When did it change to watching out for the physical rather than the beauty that lies within? Why do we consider what will pass away with time rather than focusing on what will always be there? Enough about what I think. What does our life manual tell us? There is the Proverbs 31 woman so is there the Ephesians 5 man. When did we stop desiring to be these people? When did we start wanting partners just to fit in and to be accepted in the circle we find ourselves? We end up hurting innocent people because of our selfish desires. We choose a partner and realize aside their bodies, there is nothing we like about them so we decide to leave. Sadly, the other person has invested a lot into and is left in shambles.

My dear friends who are being affected by these set standards of who an “ideal partner” should be, do not worry, you are not alone, God’s got this. A time will come when you will be in high demand because of your personality and character regardless of your body type and size. Do not lose hope because you are not a size 6 or you have only one big pac. Do not think that someone else is going to get the girl or guy you want always because God’s got this. A number of people still go out there looking for character rather than the physical appearances. Relax, the Perfecter of all things, the Author and Finisher of everything has your back! Why think you will end up with the wrong person because of the world’s standards? That is like telling Him, ‘I know You can do all things but I’m sorry, you can’t get me a partner, the right partner to be precise.” Ouch! That hurt Him. Why doubt Me in that aspect, He wants to know. And all you have to say is that “I am not a size 6 or light-skinned …..” He tells you, “Why worry about those things, I don’t care about that, they are far from My standards, Look up to me, just trust Me.” He has already designed someone for you, you may not have met them yet, why? You may ask. Because He is preparing you both for each other to be able to build one another up. He wants you to have the perfect relationship. Relax, sit back and look to Him for the perfect partner.

Pause! I’m not saying you can’t desire someone with a particular physique, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus. Consider the character and if he/she has your physical preferences, yaaaay! That’s a plus. Look out for things that will make you stay and love them always should they grow old lose the physique you so love.

Trust God and He will lead you to your partner.